Planter Boxes & Stands

We have, and can make, a variety of units to display your flowerpots or to allow you to grow plants.

Mel's Single Flowerpot Stand


Mel's Geometric Planter Box


Mel's Two Level Planter Box


Mel's Double Flowerpot Stand


Mel’s Wheelbarrow Planter

For a whimsical garden or patio display, this wheelbarrow filled with flowers and greenery is

Ideal. This planter is all wood construction and provides a large open container for you plants, 


Darrel's Planter Box

3’ x 6’ x 18”

This cedar planter will accommodate a substantial garden. Solidly built to weather whatever conditions occur.


André's Planter 

Cedar planter is 18”x18” outside, about 15”x15” inside and can be used with potted plants or filled with soil for direct planting of flowers or vegetables.