We have many skills among the men’s shed members: wood and metal work, carving, and welding to name a few. We make things and we repair things. Some items are made ahead of time and may be available for purchase or order; others can be requested for future production. We’re open for a challenge if you have a need for something not listed here, although what you want may sometimes not fit our capability. 

Please click on listed items for further details including price and item variations.


These are sturdy outdoor units constructed of plywood and finished with cedar shingles and siding, with a hinged door equipped with an acrylic window, that protect their contents from the weather while providing easy access.

We have, and can make, a variety of units to display your flowerpots or to allow you to grow plants. 

A variety of benches, picnic tables and other seating.

Houses, feeders and other garden decor items.

 An assortment of stools, seats and tables.

A Muskoka chair features a slanted back and seat made of wide wooden slats, along with wide armrests. The design is known for its comfort and rustic charm, making it a popular choice for outdoor seating in gardens, patios, and by lakesides. The chair is often painted in bright colors or left unfinished to weather naturally. It's an iconic piece of furniture associated with leisurely outdoor activities. 

Wooden toys for toddlers and children.

A collection of miscellaneous items, new items will be added frequently.

Examples of custom items made by The Men's Shed.

Items may be purchased, when available, by contacting the shed. Email is best, as available items may be in storage and ordered items may take time to become available.