Words From The Men

Wisdom and Perspectives Shared by The Men of The Men's Shed 

January 27th, 2024

Let’s talk a bit about the heart and soul of our Communities - Men’s Shed’s. These havens aren’t just about woodworking; They’re about carving out connections, building camaraderie, and nailing mental well-being.


In a world buzzing with screens, Men’s Shed’s provide a space to get hands-on, swap stories, and share skills and experiences. Whether you’re a DIY guru or just keen to learn, there’s a place for you here. It’s not just about the projects; it’s about creating a space where Guys can craft friendships, swap tips, and find support.


And, let’s be real, the therapeutic benefits of a good chat over a cuppa while tinkering are unbeatable. Men’s Shed’s are a powerhouse of positive vibes, fostering a sense of purpose and banishing that sense of isolation.


So, here’s to the clinking of tools, the laughter echoing in the Shed, and the bonds that go beyond the woodwork. Men’s Shed’s, a place where skills are honed, friendships are built, and well-being takes centre stage.


Darrel O’Shaughnessy
Arnprior & McNab/Braeside Men’s Shed 

August 21st, 2023

Hi there, my name is Doug Miess.


I am 93 year’s old.


I am on a personal journey, would you walk aways with me?


On Tuesday and Thursday mornings my alarm clock is set for 7.30 a.m., rather than say 9.30 a.m. other days.


A quick breakfast and then onto the highway from Ottawa to Arnprior at 9.00 a.m. arriving at the Men’s Shed at 9.45 a.m.


The Business and Social hour are pretty well over by then, but that’s OK as my poor hearing prevents full participation in group discussion. One on one interactions will fill the need during the day.


The Arnprior Men’s Shed has a unique group of members reflecting the rural nature of the Town, retired Teachers, Farmers, Truck Drivers, Aircraft Technicians, and Government employees. The diversity brings a wide variety of personalities and skills to the workshop. As a city boy, these qualities are both enjoyed and admired, just think 40 some friends, mates, mentors define who we really are.


So, what do I receive at the Men’s Shed? My personal background was as an Electronics Technician. The hands on satisfaction has been a personal need in my life. This need was in short supply upon retirement. So, the Men’s Shed environment filled that need for me. The “long day” is a challenge but rewarding, tomorrow I will rest mentally satisfied. This is my Mental Health Day.


What do I contribute? A chance to demonstrate my own skills and creativity.


In later years the usual physical problems surfaced which made regular attendance and function more challenging. However, these “aches” disappeared in the challenges of the shop work and the social interplay. As my skill levels diminish, there are many willing and skilled hands close by to support me.


To keep my project moving, the members, working at various machines and other projects, follow the overall “work flow” and contribute encouragement and comments on the way by anticipating my needs. Some amazing talents are evident with beautiful carvings and work being done.  Simply, loads of inspiration and direction as required.


A few mates have shared personal chapters and stories of their life along the way, experiences which have shaped us, the “Pastor” for example, offering his support and encouragement many times as we rub shoulders.


So, thank you for walking with me. Your friendship and guidance will help define the road ahead. In fact, I’m just now learning how to harness the power of the human mind and it’s power in our lives.


“What I can do today or tomorrow will define my story moving forward.”

Doug Miess